How I made the worst Blogging Mistake Ever

November 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

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Today the internet is full of blogs. The competition is high, so now more than ever it is important for a blog to have unique content. Content that draws the reader in by providing a benefit for that reader to continue reading and ultimately come back again.  How hard could this really be? Well come to find out it isn’t as easy as it seems. Which leads me to my next point of how I made the “Worst Blogging Mistake Ever” in my opinion within the first couple of days my blog was published. I am sure as you are reading this you are wondering how could someone suck that bad to do such a thing. Well I am here to tell you it is possible!


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In the short time that I went from virgin blogger to rookie blogger I had already made the big mistake without even realizing it. To bring you up to speed let me lay the groundwork for what lead to this whole blogging thing in the first place.

I like many others work hard every day to make a living to support my family and the joy of my life, my 6 month old daughter. Currently I earn a living in the real estate industry by specializing in new home sales. With the Holidays coming up the real estate industry becomes a little slower as people focus on things other than buying a home. Knowing that the slow season is looming I began to toss around some ideas to generate a little extra traffic during this time and came to a conclusion that a blog would be a good tool to do it with. This leads me to the social media site WordPress well known for their blog hosting, design, etc services.


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Once I finally decided WordPress is the place for my new blog I made the decision to open my new account. It only took a few minutes leading you through the process of picking a blog title, hosting address, and theme of the blog. I thought to myself wow this is much easier than I thought now all I needed to do was write a post then publish it. I determined that I would focus my blog around real estate with the main focus around my developments and listings. During this process I also decided that the best way to get my blog out there would be to make as many post as possible to create a more content heavy blog early on. So I hastily began to write up my first post to publish which went fairly easy. I continued until I had 11 posts on my first day of opening the blog.  After I finished I felt a sense of accomplishment and felt fulfilled that my blog was off on the right foot.


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A couple of days pass with absolutely not a single view. Confused, I began to research the topic of blog tips on Google. It finally dawned on me after exercising the proper due diligence that during all the hast to get the blog set up and posts published I really never put any thought into the focus or structure of the posts or blog itself. The biggest mistake I made is that I should “Think before I post”, rather than just post. With blogs being at everywhere you look these days on the internet the content you provide a reader is the most important thing. I realized that if I didn’t provide my readers with any benefit or take away then what reason would they have to come back.

It all goes back to the basic idea of quality over quantity. Simple, yet a commonly overlooked facet of the rookie blogger. It isn’t about what you can sell to your customer, it’s about what you can offer to your customer.


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Now I am taking the time to refocus my blog on things that will help my customers. I have been in the real estate industry for awhile so there certainly has to be professional advice that I can provide to my customer that they would benefit from reading. This is now my blogs focus to offer up advice, tips, etc. that customers would pay to get, although I am not charging for it. I now realize that with better competition this is what the reader wants.


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